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     We are pleased to announce a process to restore tooling in a way that is very unique! Customers have greatly benefited from the advent of Microscopic Tool Welding. Some of the advantages are less heat and weld deposit, making for minimal machining operations after the weld process. 


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Sometimes customers have tooling that may be out of tolerance by .0002 to.0004 or even as much as .003 and even with micro-welding, there is additional work and a fair amount of heat created in the piece. 


 What if you could get a deposit that became a part of the base metal that wouldn't peel off, and was possibly the only operation required to restore a shut-off tolerance? This process is controllable from .0001 to .003 and even .004 on some materials. It can be applied in .0001 increments.

 This system is primarily for shut-offs and bearing surfaces
. It electronically impregnates the filler material into the base metal. We offer Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide, and a high speed deposit for a greater buildup. This surface is a superior wearing surface against abrasion. Best of all there is virtually no heat at all that goes into the work piece, so no stress and discoloration to speak of.


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Generally, if the deposit is .0005 or less, no further EDM or machining is necessary. Greater deposits may require grinding, stoning or EDM to reinstate adjacent details. This is without a doubt the newest option available to repair tooling where minimal time and resources are required. 

We are very excited about this new capability and have already saved customers thousands of dollars in tooling costs. Please call us with any questions. As always, we are committed to bringing you the best options for maintaining your Molds and Dies.

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